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  • Jul 07 / 2014
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Residency @ Time’s Up | 25 May – 22 June , Linz Austria

Finally, I’m back to the island and still steeling down from the super combination of recent events under the Future Fabulators project.

It all started with Data Ecologies ’14 then I stayed in Linz for one month to work as a resident “artist” at Time’s Up the coordinator partner of the FFab project. Finally, I went to Porto, were all the partners gathered to attend the workshop  X Factor Futures in xCoAx 2014.

Data Ecologies was a super interesting event were we got to present the current state of our transmedia experience, also I got a good change to learn about all the partners current projects and from all the invited speakers all of them professionals in the future field. More on Data Ecologies 14 here.

After Data Ecologies most of the participants continued to Attersee in Upper Austria, where the book sprint happened (more information on this here), but I stayed in Linz and started my residency at Time’s up.

Since we are developing a location-based transmedia narrative experience, where physical objects playout an important role in the experience it was great  to get insights and learn from Time’s Up. They have a lot of experience with physical narratives.

Moreover, we decided to work together on exploring different interactions between prototyping hardware and multimedia content. Something that could be beneficial for both M-iti and Time’s up to use in their individual projects being developed under the Future Fabulators project. So over 4 weeks I worked around experimenting with integrating Arduinos, RFID readers and sensors together with Android devices in order to trigger multimedia content.

Different approaches (a lot of them!) were tried to achieved the goal. I discovered that using an Android device to control and trigger multimedia based on the Arduino input it is still not widely spread (sadly for me 🙂 ).

But!! There was a light at the end of the tunnel, one solution found was to use a native android application (written in Java) serving as a bridge between the Arduino and an HTML page to show the multimedia content (HTML + Javascript).


So as a result of this residency we have the beginning for what can be a platform/medium between users/players and multimedia content that can be used in different experiences designed at both M-iti and at Time’s Up. This approach to develop this “tool” could be seen as an enhancer for a physical object, it could be something embed in a physical object, for example a radio with a visual interface, or a suitcase that is enhanced with a tablet that shows multimedia content. A week by week summary of the residency can be downloaded here

There was also time to get feedback  and some inputs from Time’s up on the transmedia story that M-iti is working on – The Laura Silva lost book. With my residency I think i was clear that there was a this need for the partners project to somehow relate and connect, and an idea of connecting the Laura Silva story world with the Lucid Dreaming story world was born. For now the idea is to have the Lucid Dreaming as a future story world for some the future generation of one of the characters in the Laura Silva world but  I’m sure that soon we will have more details on this soon.

Not all of my residency was hard work! I got to meet great people over there and there was the time for bike rides around Linz, enjoy delicious meals (desert included every single time…  nhammi i) with the Time’s up crew, I even went on a small boat ride in the Donau in Tim’s boat. Pippa showed me the best places to by schnapps and other Austrian goodies. And last but not least, and thanks to Tina and Gin, an awesome weekend trip to the mountains (uff my experience in Austria would not be complete without mountains).

To sum up it was a great experience!


But the adventure was not over yet! It was time to get back to Portugal, more specifically to Porto to attend xCoAx. FFab organized a workshop lead by FoAM open to all participants of the conference.

For me it was great because I finally had the opportunity to participate in a future scenario building workshop learn and experience the whole process of building a future scenario where I could invision myself. This story world that we created and pre-enacted was called the “AnneBonnie Ark”. More on this story world here.

This adventure ended with the FFab retreat, where all the partners gathered to discuss the current state of the project and the future steps to be taken.