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  • Sep 28 / 2014
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Lucid Peninsula @ Intime Raume 2014

In October M-ITI, in an initiative of its FFab partner Time’s Up, showcased for the first time the Lucid Peninsula Storyworld at Intime Raume 2014 organized by the Institut fur Medianarchaologie (IMA) in Hainburg, Austria.

Time’s Up built a physical narrative set in the room of a Lucid Peninsula character. In this room you could see several aspects related to the Lucid Dreaming Storyworld including the air purifying machine, the dreamnet machine, and GIN bottles.


M-ITI contributed to this physical narrative with a viewer into the outside world of the Lucid Peninsula. The DreamScope Viewer allows the audience to see into different buildings of the Lucid Peninsula (GIN Distillery Nests, Library, etc.), analyze the air and weather conditions, and monitor the dream activity in these locations.


Moreover, after exploring the physical narrative the visitors could explore characters’ dreams with the DreamScope Catcher. This is a location-aware mobile application where users, by going to three locations outside the exhibition room (a library, a restaurant, and a garden), could find lucid peninsula dreams related to these locations.



Also in October, we will exhibit the Lucid Peninsula in Cluj, Romania  in an initiative organized by the FFab partner AltArt – stay tuned for more updates! We will be updating these pages with more details and adding better quality images soon of the Lucid Peninsula and DreamScope.

  • Sep 24 / 2014
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Events, Lucid Peninsula

Festival Intimate Spaces | On the Reality of Dreaming and the Nightmare of Reality

DreamScape Viewer and DreamScape Catcher are about to go live, as part of theTime’s Up  Lucid Peninsula Physical Narrative, at IMA, in Hainburg. Lucid Peninsula is the result of an experimental exploration of scenario planning and building exercises undertaken by FoAM and Time’s Up in June 2014. Subsequently M-ITI worked closely with Time’s Up to realise an interactive addition to the Lucid Peninsula installation. Lucid Peninsula is a part of Future Fabulators, an EU Culture funded collaboration with FoAM (BE), M-ITI (PT) and AltArt (RO), exploring experienceable futures strategies in the cultural sector.

Place: Hainburg, AT
Site: Hotel Altes Kloster
Date: 26.09.2014 – 28.09.2014
Time: 20:00
more info at:http://ima.or.at/intime-raeume-2014/?lang=en