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  • Dec 22 / 2014
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Projects, Yasmine Adventures

Yasmine Adventures – Brainstorm Results

We are ready to share the initial concept for the locative experience trail in berlin. After analyzing the content from the project pinpointing Mehringplatz we decided that the best approach for the content of the experience would be to create a fictional story based on real content and locations of Mehringplatz. In this way, Yasmine Adventures was born! When creating a location-aware experience we always need to have in mind at the same time the story plot and locations for the story to be delivered because they are deeply connected. In this image, we can see this connection where on the left side we have the story plot points following the heroes Journey and on the right side we have the locations and the content related to the community.


Regarding the story and the character we decided that Yasmine should portrait a child from the neighborhood and was inspired in one of the participants of the Pinpointing Project. Moreover, we decided to follow the traditional hero’s journey where the plot points relate to the content retrieved from the pinpointing Mehringplatz project. For example, the angel and the street art were pointed as positive aspects of the neighborhood while the constructions and the rats were reported as negative aspects. Therefore the idea is to portrait them in the story, so we would see Yasmine enjoying the street art and being helped by the angel, on the other hand, the constructions and the rats would be challenges that she has to face in her journey. In the following images, you can see our notes on the character profile and on the story plot.  Please click on the image and zoom in for a better understanding of the content. YasmineProfileHerosJourneyDetail

Since, this experience has been conceived with the goal in mind to take the symposium audience around the Mehringplatz neighborhood. We needed to have in mind that the start of the experience is the  Jewish Museum, where the symposium is going to be held, and what will be the path to take them to the heart of the neighborhood. While doing this we have to overlap with the story content and the locations chosen by the community participants in the Pinpointing project. On the image below, on the top you can see the locations and the content from the Pinpointing project and the below the correspondent locations.


 At this point, we have a clear idea of the direction that we want to take in terms of the story and the experience. The next step is to refine the story, decide the locations where the story should be delivered and the medium that people will use to retrieve the story.

  • Dec 08 / 2014
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New Intern: Luis Ferreira

We are happy to announce a new addition to the Future Fabulators team: Luis Ferreira. Luis is finishing his Masters in Entertainment Technology, a joint degree with Carnegie Mellon’s ETC centre. Luis will join Future Fabulators to work on a new locative experience to be designed and produced with Bianca Herlo and the Design Research Lab in Berlin for the Community Now? The Politics of Participatory Design international symposium. Luis has a background in art and design with experience producing content for interactive experiences. Luis was also born in Germany, which will be very handy when it comes to working on content for the new project!