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  • Jan 24 / 2015
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Projects, Yasmine Adventures

Yasmine Adventures – Berlin Trip

Earlier this week two member of our research team, Mara and Luis, traveled to Berlin to run an experience prototype of the Yasmine Adventures, meet with Bianca Herlo and get more insights on the Mehringplatz neighborhood. We were received at Design Research Lab by Bianca and some elements of the research team that work on the Community Now? Project, it was great to learn more about the neighborhood and the projects that they have been developing there, specially get more insights on the PinPointing Mehringplatz project from which the content of our application was developed.


Then it was time to go to Meringplatz and start the hard work under the rush cold!!! Brrrr….


We had to decide the exact locations where the story clips were going to be uncovered, find locations to place the markers, make sure that the route between the museum and the neighborhood was simple enough, and take lots of pictures! By the end of the trip, we had a clear idea of all the locations, where to place the markers and a more refined story.

Choosing the locations

As we discovered some facts and learned from the people of the community we refined the content of the story. For example, we learned that one of the big murals was actually painted by a famous artist who did some artwork for the Obama campaign so we approach in the story. This trip was also essential to get to know all the locations in detail because we toke 360 degree videos from each of the locations so that we know how to portrait them in 3d virtual environment.

Famous Artist Mural

Bird Mural


Below are images of the locations chosen to place the story clips. For some of the plot points, we had more than one option for the location that we wanted to discuss with the rest of the team.

Now it’s to start developing the project at full speed!!! There’s less than one month to go!!



  • Jan 23 / 2015
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Scenario Planning: Capstone Futures 2015

This two-day Capstone Futures scenario development and testing workshop, facilitated by FoAM and involving faculty and MHCI students at M-ITI, focused on the question: ‘How can capstones enable empowering transformative experiences?’ This question was chosen to connect capstones to M-ITI’s mission: ‘To research, enable, design and create transformative experiences that empower people to live the best possible lives in harmony with the environment.’

The scenarios developed during the workshop were meant to provide a broad context for all the capstone projects of the current academic year. The key issues of the students and sponsors revolved around providing meaningful experiences for their users and clients, so that they can have a lasting influence on people’s lives and work. Moreover, a desire was expressed to find ways to have productive and enjoyable collaboration with everyone involved.

Four scenarios were created by the end of the two days:

  • Crescendo – where growth is the primary motivation
  • Dystopia – where the world as we know it has collapsed
  • Extreme New World – where discipline reigns
  • Robot Caregivers – where the world is transformed

Read more about the workshop process and results on FoAM’s website.IMG_20150122_110620 IMG_20150123_124735 IMG_20150122_155041 IMG_20150122_141923

  • Jan 10 / 2015
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Projects, Yasmine Adventures

Yasmine Adventures – Preparations for Berlin Trip

For the last few weeks, we have been busy preparing a trip to berlin. We decided that a short trip to berlin was necessary to know the locations and the neighborhood and have a grasp of the exact conditions that we had to deploy the experience.  This trip will serve a sort of experience prototype. Where we will test out our ideas and the story and how it works in the environment. We will take also as an opportunity to gather inspiration for the art style of the story as we decided to tell the story through a 2D animation.

Our goal during these weeks was to progress as much as we could in terms of the story and the delivery platform.


At this point, the story is much more detailed and we know the exact plot points. They are still open to change according to what we discover in our trip. The overall story is represented in the storyboard below:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Story Delivery Platform Interaction

To deliver Yasmine adventures, we decided to make an innovative platform inspired by the DreamScope project where we used the 360 virtual reality environment. The idea is that the users will have a mobile application equipped with a map showing all the locations where Yasmine adventures take place, once they are in the location they need to look for a marker that will trigger a 3d representation of the real environment, there in the virtual environment users will have to find the exact spot where Yasmine had the adventure. Once this spot is found a 2d video animation will show a story clip.  Below you can find a sequence of images that illustrates the interaction with the platform and after the wireframes for the interface

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Download (PDF, Unknown)