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  • Mar 27 / 2015
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Yasmine Adventures: User Study in Berlin

Mara and Mary went back to berlin in the past week, to run a user study on the Yasmine Adventures. We wanted to evaluate properly the users response to the experience, therefore in collaboration with Bianca Herlo who helped recruiting users we designed and executed a user evaluation. The evaluation consisted on the user doing the tour that started on the Jewish Museum to the center of Mehringplatz neighborhood while being shadowed by one of us. Then we would run a semi-structured interview that addressed open-ended questions related to the general experience and the users feedback to it but also we would bring up some issues/questions that might have been identified from the shadowing. This was followed by the user responding a questionnaire with closed-ended questions that approached, for example, flow and immersion levels in experience.

We were fortune that for the first days the weather helped and it was sunny which made an enjoyable experience for the users but by the end of our staying it was cold and raining which made it harder to get people to try it. But in the end we were able to try the system with 20 users and we got lots of valuable feedback that we are currently starting to analyze.

We would like to make a special thanks to Bianca and Jenny who helped out in recruiting the user and also to all the users who tried the experience for their patient and availability to answer all of our questions. Thank you!

Here’s a couple of images that summarize our week there: