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Data Ecologies 2014 | 23-24 May 2014, Linz, Austria

  • May 30 / 2014
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Data Ecologies 2014 | 23-24 May 2014, Linz, Austria

During the last week of May, Julian Hanna and Mara Dionisio of FFab@M-ITI were fortunate enough to participate in Data Ecologies 14, a two-day symposium on the theme of ‘languages and tools to think out loud about futures’ which was hosted by FFab partner Time’s Up in Linz, Austria.


We presented our latest project, the transmedia story set in Madeira that we have been working on at M-ITI since early 2014. Julian started with a description of the story and the writing process, and Mara followed up with an in-depth look at the various media involved. These included location-aware mobile platforms currently being developed and adapted for use as well as interactive artefacts. Mara stayed on with Time’s Up in Linz after DE14 for a short residency to collaborate with our FFab partners on technical aspects of the transmedia story.


Hosts Time’s Up managed to pack two days of DE14 with lively debates and vital insights by leading figures from across the futures field. Speakers at DE14 included members of M-ITI, FoAM, and Time’s Up, as well as Julian Bleecker (remotely), Trevor Haldenby, Eva Lenz, Justin Pickard, Scott Smith, and Peter von Stackelberg.


It is  possible to listen to all the presentations here .

Check out our PowerPoint presentation here .


More information on DE14 from our partners:






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