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Narrative Strategies Documentation

  • Nov 24 / 2014
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Narrative Strategies Documentation

Welcome session

M-iti Welcome

Welcome from the Future Fabulators Project and Future Fabulators partners  (Time’s Up | FoAM | AltArt | M-ITI)


Yvonne Rogers – Dreaming the Intangible

Digital Media and Citizen Involvement

Simone Ashby – Rapid Prototyping of Citizen X: Exploring the Outer Limits of the Design Space

Powerpoint Slides

Heitor Alvelos – The Ectoplasm Arises: How Antifluffy Came to be the Mascot of a Medialab for Citizenship, and Other Stories of Silent Perplexity

Alex Davies – Spatial Narratives in The Very Near Future

Powerpoint Slides

Matthew Aylett – Transforming Digital Media Through Narrative to Empower and Explain

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Aesthetic values, Art, Design and Serendipity

Giovanni Innella – When Prototypes are Final

André Rangel – Intangible, Tangible, Objectile

Ricardo Melo – Designing Serendipities

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HCI and the Intangible

Monchu Chen –  Issues in Prototyping Oculesic Interaction

Powerpoint Slides

Evan Karapanos and Olga Lyra – Gadgets or Tools for Health? Studying the Long-term Acceptance of Wearable Activity Trackers  |  Sociometric Technologies for Inclusive School Communities

Nuno Correia – Representing Time, Narrative and Emotions with Tangible Prototypes

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Enrico Costanza – Leveraging the Intangible to Prototype the Future

Monica Mendes and Pedro Ângelo – ARTiVIS

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Tangible Futures Gameplay

Stuart Candy  – Things from the Future 



Photos of the event: