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Lucid Peninsula DreamScope

  • Oct 09 / 2014
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Lucid Peninsula DreamScope

The DreamScope project emerged with the need to collaborate closely with all of the future fabulators partners, the exhibitions in Hainburg and Cluj reveled to be the perfect opportunity.

DreamScope gives the audience the opportunity to have a glimpse into the Lucid Peninsula. This is rendered two ways. On one side we will be integrating Time’s Up physical narrative of the lucid peninsula with a telescope enabled to peek into a virtual reality 3D world – DreamScope Viewer.  Such custom made 3D world portraits how the Lucid Peninsula world looks like, with its dusty atmosphere, its GIN distilleries and its nests. On the other side we will be by providing also a location aware mobile application where the visitors can access to some of  the dreams of the Lucid inhabitants – DreamScope Catcher. Lucid Dreams will be available to the public in three different locations within walking distance from the exhibition place.


Lucid DreamScope: Viewer

The “DreamScope: Viewer ” enables the audience to peek into the lucid peninsula. This special device is used by the characters of the Lucid Peninsula Room (Time’s up physical narrative) to look outside and analyse the conditions to see if its safe to exit the room. For example, they can check how is the temperature, humidity and visibility conditions, and spot the locations with dream activity.

From the DreamScope viewer, the visitors are able to have an 180 degrees view of the outside panorama, as if they are looking outside the window of the hotel room. The 3D world will depict a desert-like landscape with an orange sky (completed with a large and reddish sun). The 3D landscape will roughly simulate the landscape outside the hotel , highlighting buildings that the player can explore in the city. Visitors will be able to zoom in and out to some of the buildings in the landscape, in order to catch more details of the structure.

Lucid DreamScope: Catcher

From the Lucid DreamScope Catcher the visitors will learn about the dreams of the  Lucid Peninsula inhabitants. The audience will discover through a poster in the hotel room exhibition that they can encounter and experience fragments of some dreams. In order to retrieve and then experience fragments of such dreams the visitor has to go to the front desk of the exhibition venue to retrieve a mobile device in exchange of their ID card. Then a mobile phone and a physical map of the surrounding, highlighting the locations where the dreams are will be delivered to the visitor.

When the visitor gets to a place where a dream is available, he needs to look for a special icon (visual marker) indicating dream presence, and scan it. An interactive view of the Lucid Dreaming world appears on the mobile device’s screen. By selecting the catcher’s device orientation the world can be discovered and explored more in depth. Each Dream is positioned in a different part of the city, and when explored through the Catcher device, reveals how that part of the city used to look like, basically the dreamed times.

The dreams themselves are about the past and how the world in its ancient times (our current world). By tapping on the screen of the mobile device in its orientation mode, the visitor can create circular viewing portals that show how Lucid  Peninsula world looked like in a different time, before the events that led to the lucid dreaming condition took place, and an audio narration will recount the dream, mixed with memories of the characters dreaming it.

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