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Research Team@Miti

The research team of Future Fabulators is composed of researchers and collaborators from Madeira-ITI and the Universtiy of Madeira.

Valentina Nisi
Valentina’s background covers Fine Arts, Multimedia and Interaction Design. Her main area of expertise is Digital Media Art applied to the conception and design of digitally mediated experiences. In particular she focuses on designing and producing experiences that connect people, content and real spaces through the use of digital technologies. Beside teaching and researching Valentina also enjoy writing stories for transmedia platforms, as well as for traditional cinema. Valentina has been researching, publishing and delivering workshops extensively in the areas of Interaction Design, Digital Art and Entertainment technologies.
Julian Hanna
Julian Hanna is currently an Invited Assistant Professor at the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute and the University of Madeira.
His research on modernism and the avant-garde has appeared in publications such as the Journal of Modern Literature, Modernism/Modernity, the Journal of Wyndham Lewis Studies, and the International Journal of Scottish Literature, as well as a book, Key Concepts in Modernist Literature (Palgrave Macmillan 2009). Since 2013 his research has shifted toward HCI and interactive digital storytelling.
Mara Dionisio
Mara is currently working as a research assistant at the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute. She studied Informatics Engineering and during her master thesis about Location Aware Storytelling she discovered a passion in designing experiences that can make the users feel completely immersed.
Then she decided to enroll in a Masters of Entertainment Technology a joint program between Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Madeira. Since then her interests in location and themed-based entertainment are becoming stronger, and hopes that in the future she will be able to design and build interactive installations that are engaging and immersive.
Luis Ferreira
Luis has studied technology in high school for three years and has an artistic background. After finishing high school, he studied Interaction Design at the University of Madeira, which helped him gain an open view of the relationship between art and technology.
Currently Luis is finishing the Master in Entertainment Technology and has needed profile to work in the entertainment industry.
Besides studying and working to improve his skills Luis is also a competitive athlete and spends a couple of hours a day swimming.
Summer Interns
Paulo Bala
Paulo Bala is currently studying in the Masters of Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University / University of Madeira.
Born in Madeira (a small island whose claim to fame has been Cristiano Ronaldo and wine), Portugal.
Halfway through Med school,Paulo decided to follow his passion for technology and studied in University of Madeira, where he got a Masters in Computer Science.
He's a self proclaimed film and TV buff who enjoys unusual food and doing 2D art.
After finishing his Masters, Paulo hopes to work in the Location Based Entertainment field, making exciting interactive experiences mixing tech and art.
Rui Trindade
Rui is a young and passionate artist from Portugal, more specifically Madeira (a tiny little island)! He is a creative mind who strives for innovation, always trying to do something new and exciting!
In 2013 he finished his undergraduate in Interactive Media Design and had the opportunity of a lifetime to pursue the Master’s degree at the Entertainment Technology Center which is part of the Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh. There,he hopes to grow as a person and as an artist, as well as fulfill his dreams!
Invited Researchers
Susana Sá Fontinha
Dr. Susana is a biologist, permanent personnel at SRA.Since 2012 is linked to DSBIO a public organization that deals with the improvement of the organic production support to Madeira growers in the Autonomous Region of Madeira (Portugal). Research experience on botany, developing studies concerning ecology, systematics, considering biogeographical as well conservation approaches.
More recently works on organic plant breeding, saving and testing crop wild relatives, such as local medicinal plants and herbs. Former director of the Botanic Garden of Madeira (1994-2001), former director of the Nature Park of Madeira (2002-2008), former full time researcher at CEM /ISOPlexis at the University of Madeira (2009-2011).
Dina Henriques
Born in Madeira in March 1983, graduated in Biology by the University of Madeira. She was a professional trainee at ISOPlexis Genebank, University of Madeira (2011-2012), where she still continues. She has a great passion for the island where she was born and particularly for its flora, applying all her feeling and knowledge to preserve it.
Fábio Gomes dos Reis
Born in Madeira in December 1979. Graduated in Biology by the University of Madeira. He was a member of the research team in ISOPlexis Genebank, University of Madeira (2005-2007 and 2010-2013) and nowadays is a collaborator. A lover of nature and science, he endeavours to know and protect the natural world, with a particular emphasis on the Archipelago of Madeira and its flora.