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Scenario Planning: Capstone Futures 2015

  • Jan 23 / 2015
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Scenario Planning: Capstone Futures 2015

This two-day Capstone Futures scenario development and testing workshop, facilitated by FoAM and involving faculty and MHCI students at M-ITI, focused on the question: ‘How can capstones enable empowering transformative experiences?’ This question was chosen to connect capstones to M-ITI’s mission: ‘To research, enable, design and create transformative experiences that empower people to live the best possible lives in harmony with the environment.’

The scenarios developed during the workshop were meant to provide a broad context for all the capstone projects of the current academic year. The key issues of the students and sponsors revolved around providing meaningful experiences for their users and clients, so that they can have a lasting influence on people’s lives and work. Moreover, a desire was expressed to find ways to have productive and enjoyable collaboration with everyone involved.

Four scenarios were created by the end of the two days:

  • Crescendo – where growth is the primary motivation
  • Dystopia – where the world as we know it has collapsed
  • Extreme New World – where discipline reigns
  • Robot Caregivers – where the world is transformed

Read more about the workshop process and results on FoAM’s website.IMG_20150122_110620 IMG_20150123_124735 IMG_20150122_155041 IMG_20150122_141923

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