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Yasmine Adventures – Mobile Application Development Process

  • Feb 17 / 2015
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Yasmine Adventures – Mobile Application Development Process

Yasmine Adventures is ready to take off!! After a month and half devoted to the implementation, the mobile application that will support the users to uncover Yasmine adventures the prototype is finally ready! We are quite happy with the result although we wish that we had some more time to make some final refinements. As we mention in a previous post the mobile application for this tour was inspired by the DreamScope and it´s 360º degrees scan of a virtual environment. The first step was to create these virtual was to have this basic mechanism working which was easy we just had to adapt from DreamScope. Just to recap and simplifying the technical details we used the game engine called Unity, and to achieve the 360º interaction we used a plugin developed by Durovis. Moreover, we used the Qualcomm Vuforia plugin for the visual clue recognition system, which basically will associate a “visual marker” with a location which, in fact , is  a 360º virtual environment.  Once we had the basic mechanics of capturing marker and loading placeholder 360º VR environment it was time to design each of the virtual environments. For that, we used 3DS Max and created in 3d each of the 5 locations that were decided after the trip to berlin. The 3D model had to be very simple and low poly. Once the models were ready it was time to texture them (basically paint them!). We decided that all the environment would follow the same cartoon/scribbled art style as the 2d video animations and we decided to make all of the environment in shades of grey except for the exact location where the Yasmine Adventure happened. In this was we hoped that users would feel more drawn to it as they are scanning the 360º environment.


When all the 5 locations were ready we had to import them into Unity and continue on the implementation of the application. Here are some of the main features that we had to implement: 1 – Main Screen with a scrollable map, close button, capture the marker button; 2- Inside the 360º degree scene we had to create “hotspots” to hide the content (2d animations) load the 2d video animation; 3- Load the 2d video animation once the “hotspots” are triggered; We had the help of Miguel Caldeira a designer from M-iti, We provided the wireframes and sketches and Miguel  designed some of the graphics like the icon of the app, the main interface (map and buttons) plus the visual clues.



Once all these parts were combined  Yasmine Adventures was born! Soon we hope to upload a video showcasing the interaction in the application and now off we go to Berlin!

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