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Yasmine Adventures Project

  • Jun 30 / 2015
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Yasmine Adventures Project

Yasmine’s Adventures, is a location-aware multimedia story (LAMS) that leverages on urban computing strategies to create an interactive trail across the landscape surrounding Mehringplatz, Kreuzberg. Yasmine Adventures was created with the goal of challenging and engaging visitors of the world famous Jewish Museum to explore the adjacent and relatively neglected streets of the area in which it is situated.

Design Process of Yasmine Adventures

 The Concept

Yasmine’s Adventures was conceived with the goal of exposing non-residents (in this case the symposium audience) to the issues and attractions of the Mehringplatz neighbourhood by encouraging them to see the area from the point of view of the community. The process originated with the ‘Pinpointing Mehringplatz’ workshops, in which local community members expressed opinions about features of the neighbourhood as pleasing, displeasing, or potentially transformational. Locations were chosen and photographed by community members themselves, led by UDK.

Based on the issues raised by the community members themselves we selected five anchor points for our interactive walk. Some had positive connotations, like the local hip hop youth space or murals that had been painted by famous artists. Other locations had negative connotations for the community, like the construction site at the center of the neighbourhood and the dirty alleys behind some of the apartments. Yasmine’s Adventures echoes the positive or negative feelings about neighbourhood locations. For example, Yasmine is scared and unhappy near the construction site, because of its ugly intrusion into the landscape. Conversely, she has fun at the youth club dancing to hip hop. Yasmine’s Adventures highlights the community’s concerns, making them visible outside the community.

Map of the neighbourhood with the locations  from the UDK workshop


The Story

In order to engage our audience in following someone through the neighbourhood, we wanted a character who would elicit empathy. For this reason, we opted for a child protagonist and created Yasmine, a 7-year-old girl from the neighbourhood. Her ap- pearance reflects the ethnic diversity of Mehringplatz. She is a curious and adventurous girl. The story starts with her school trip to the Jewish Museum, where our interactive walk was made available to the public.

The following videos reveal the story of Yasmine.

The Experience

The audience becomes aware of the interactive walk at the Jewish Museum through the ticket desk or posters. If interested they would be given a phone or instructed how to download the application to their own device and how to use the app. The user then has to go outside the museum and look for visual cues or markers.

The following video shows a brief tutorial that users are able to see at the beginning of the experience.

The application covers content in six different locations, all reconstructed in 3D. One or more 2D animations of Yasmine’s Adventures are found in each location. The story is sequential so the locations have to be visited in the correct order. Yasmine’s story ends after all six locations highlighted on the map have been visited. The user then returns the device. The walk lasts approximately 20 minutes: the duration was a design consideration due to the cold Berlin winter, which could lead to an unpleasant or unfinished experience.

The images below show all the locations, the associated markers and some screenshots of the mobile application.


Preview copy1Preview copy2

7PhoneInterface Preview copy3

Video that is shown after the last story clip to conclude the experience


V. Nisi, M. Dionisio, J. Hanna, L. Ferreira, and N. Nunes, “Yasmine’s Adventures: An interactive urban experience exploring the socio cultural potential of Digital entertainment,” presented at the 14th International Conference on Entertainment Computing (ICEC), 2015.

Download (PDF, Unknown)


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