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Yasmine’s Adventures – Artstyle Process

  • Feb 17 / 2015
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Yasmine’s Adventures – Artstyle Process

Character Design

The project “Yasmine’s Adventures” was inspired from another project called “Pinpointing Mehringplatz Project”, which was developed by Design Research Lab in Germany. Their project consisted in pinpointing places that were considered scary, enjoyable or annoying by the locals of Mehringplatz. The participants ranged between the age of ten to twelve. The idea if this project is make local’s aware about the social problems in Mehringplatz from a child’s perspective. In “Yasmine’s Adventures”, we decided to have as a main character a young and rebellious girl called Yasmine. For inspiration purposes, we started researching and collecting as many images as possible, in order to gather a diversity of character styles. After the research, we were able to draw a variety of new characters – from complex and detailed¬† to simple and sketchy. All characters were initially drawn on a sheet of paper.

Some character examples:

As stated earlier, we sought to call the local’s attention about the social problems of Mehringplatz from a child’s perspective. Thus, we decided to go with a “scribble” art style as it is a very common way of drawing among children. After choosing the most suitable character, we initialized the digitalization process using Adobe Photoshop.

Final version of Yasmine:

The main character wears an orange tiger outfit with a tail attached on the back. The tail is an additional feature which reflects Yasmine’s emotions (the tail changes shape whenever she gets happy or angry). In addition, the reason why Yasmine is wearing an orange tiger outfit is because we wanted to establish a connection between her rebellious behaviour and the wild behaviour of an animal. Finally, for animation purposes, the character’s limbs (arms, legs, head and tail) had to be designed separately, in order to facilitate the rigging process in Adobe After Effect.

Environment design

In regard to the environment design, we drew fifteen different scenarios, which were based on real locations in Mehringplatz.

The concept art for the environments were firstly drawn on a sheet of paper and then digitized. However, different concept arts (besides “scribble”) were taken into account.

Yet, in the end, we decided that it would be the best if we maintain the same art style for both character design and environment design. Therefore, a design protocol was established, in order to maintain a consistent “scribble” art style throughout the project.


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